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In Australia, lawyers fight against gaming machines

Australian lawyers have recently joined the battle against gaming machines. According to their claim, these machines were designed to induce addiction. These pokies as he calls them in live33bet Australia are deceiving the players and they will launch themselves into a battle against the manufacturers and the operators.

The pokies are once again the target in this business. Several lawyers have decided to rally to stand against these machines. If they are so keen on fighting this war, it is because the Australians are great players. According to Jacob Varghese, the machines contain elements which are made to make it seem like a small victory and which, moreover, are really not.

This is a real deception. These elements are put in place in order to make believe in events which only occur in the heads of the players. He adds that this is the case, for example, with the confusion between gain and loss. Indeed, the machine announces by a sound a semblance of victory with a spin in addition. In Canada, academics have already shared this discovery.

On a winning spin, a victory sound is triggered . A winning spin is a spin that reimburses money. Thus, when the player is stimulated by sound, he thinks he is winning and reports euphoria. Yet to see it, he is indeed the loser. To understand, here is an example. For a bet of 1 €, a spin allows to recover 0.40 €. It is a loss and yet the machine returns a sound of victory.

So the lawyers mentioned this practice which is very unorthodox. They thus intend not to let go of the matter. Jaob Varghese has thus announced legal actions will be implemented very soon. In their sights, there are of course the beneficiaries of these machines.

Pokies, generators of money

At the moment, there are still pokies winners and it is surely not the players. Indeed, the pokies rake in $ 12 billion per year . This means a loss for the Australians, but colossal gains for the authorities. The state of Victoria takes the $ 2.5 billion and the government collects $ 1 billion.

For Australia it is a real financial windfall, another way of making taxpayers pay. For these lawyers the journey will be hard and long. It must be said that hoping that manufacturers and operators drop their business seems like a dream, because they have the support of the government.

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