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Ultimate Poker and new machines at the Casino Barrière in Sainte-Maxime

Casinos are not lacking in inventiveness and often find new attractions in order to attract customers. Indeed, in this time of crisis, it is important to maintain a good rhythm. Today, it is the turn of the Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime. To be able to offer new features to its customers, the establishment has just acquired Ultimate Poker, but also new generation slot machines.

Ten new generation slot machines have just arrived at the Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime. It is a way for the establishment to offer always new attractions, but also to maintain its good reputation. These are 3D version multi-game slot machines. It must be said that this casino is also exceptional due to the fact that it offers an open-air machine room. And in addition, the Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime is investing in sustainable development .

It also has a retractable roof, thus multiplying the good atmosphere and conviviality. This roof allows you to play under the stars or under the sun. It must be said that currently the casino has 131 slot machines. They distinguish themselves in mechanical machine and virtual roller machine in particular the new generation.

There is also the arrival of Ultimate Poker which is a variant of poker and the establishment did not wait to offer this new game to fans, but also to the curious. According to a member of the management committee who was responsible for setting it up, the objective is to offer another way of playing while prioritizing conviviality. It will no longer be a question of confronting each other, the opponent as one will be one of the croupiers who are trained for this purpose.

In addition to these new features, the Sainte-Maxime casino also has other games such as battle or electronic English roulette . These ten new slot machines and Ultimate Poker thus come to fill the panoply of activities of the casino.

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